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CoPilot is a safer and pleasurable driving system.  As a technology supporting driving system, CoPilot helps to develop the trusts between drivers and the self-driving system.

Design for a solution

The commute is a part of daily life for everyone. How to make the commute experience delight and safe is a big challenge with constant notifications from mobile devices.


CoPilot was designed to replace existing onboard vehicle managers and allow users to identify and protect their vehicle from outside obstacles — allowing them to drive smarter and make better driving decisions.

I have observed that the existing vehicle management systems aren’t meeting these goals, they require a strong learning curve and have complicated instrument panels, which cause drivers to drive distracted inadvertently.

The solution was to create an onboard vehicle management system that projects augmented reality identifiers on the vehicle windshield.


CoPilot redefining the concept of a vehicle management system begins with keeping the driver at the center point and keeping the experience distraction-free and pleasurable.

Design Process
Design process
Design Overview

CoPilot is being designed for the driver who is tech-savvy, grinds it out in the weekday 9-5 commute, uses a smartphone, and finds themselves easily distracted while behind the wheel.


Using a dealer mounted on dash touch screen panel with projector CoPilot turns your windshield into a driving experience. When the user turns on their car CoPilot immediately casts the navigation and safety monitoring screen to their windshield.


The heads-up display shows the default settings as augmented reality on the windshield. CoPilot will be available in new cars and can be purchased and installed by authorized dealers.

Persona & Scenario

Francis Zhang is an architecture manager; he needs to flight to New York City for a three days business trip.


Once he arrives, he doesn't feel confident about driving because it's a brand new city for him. Then he uses a navigation system that displays on the windshield. Francis also enjoys some "must-see" buildings along his driving without any manual operates. 


By the time he arrives, he follows the guide from CoPilot to find a parking space that has valet services, secure, and close to his office.

Key Experience
Connected cars.jpg
Further Consideration

1. User Test

For an AR experience, there are not many efficient tools for designers to develop an interactive prototype, which is why many VUI designers and researchers leverage the Wizard of Oz to do user test.  I will Test display area by using the eye tracker and heatmap because the visibility is critical for a driving experience.  



2. Iterate Interaction transitions

Since the traffic situation is always changing,  interactions will regularly change also. I believe iterate interaction transition process is a key to offer a disturb-free driving experience. 



3. Mobile Application

CoPilot mobile application needs more iterate with user tests. Consider streamlining the functions of the mobile application.

Conceptual Video

Ideation & Concept

I did quick ideation for the project, figuring out ways that can address the problems that I found in the research. Whenever a concept came to me, I kept asking myself the question "is the solution to meet my design principle?" After the research, my design concept started to become clear, so the ideation and concept definition didn't take much time.


Role:  Team Project. 

Duration:  The project lasted about 2 months.

Theme:  Interaction design,  Concept design, Experience design, Prototype.

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